Dual Subwoofers

Dual subwoofers, or dual subs, is running two subwoofers in a home theater or music system. Typically, dual subs are associated with increased headroom for maximum low frequency impact, smoother bass response throughout a room, and eliminating localization of a subwoofer relative to the room. The use of multiple subwoofers makes it feel as though you are enveloped in a blanket of bass. Running two or more subwoofers also reduces phase cancellation, so you can eliminate peaks (boomy areas) or nulls (bass dead zones) in a room. Dual subwoofers provide the deepest, fullest and most impactful low frequency experience possible. Placement of two smaller subwoofers can also be easier than placement of single large subwoofer in some spaces—which can amplify bass when you haven’t got a lot of space.

Aug 9, 2023