Surround Sound

Surround Sound illustration

A term that generally describes sound recordings with multiple channels and audio systems with multiple speakers placed around the listening area. The most common surround-sound configuration is known as 5.1, which means five full-range channels and one low-frequency channel, usually called the low-frequency effects (LFE) channel. A 5.1 surround-sound speaker system has three speakers in the front of the listening area, two speakers on the sides of the listening area, and one subwoofer. A 7.1 system adds two more speakers at the back of the listening area.

SVS offers a variety of complete surround sound speaker packages, including the Prime Satellite 5.1 System, Prime Tower Surround System, Prime Bookshelf Surround System, Prime Pinnacle Surround System, Ultra Tower Surround System, and Ultra Bookshelf Surround System.

Sep 22, 2023