9.2.4 Ultra Speaker System Donated to Homewood Science Center

Recently, a Chicago-area SVS dealer, The Little Guys, approached us about helping a local science center in the process of building a new theater. Knowing the critical role science, technology, engineering and math play in the development of our own speakers and subwoofers, we were delighted to support the project.

Homewood Science Center underwent a massive renovation to re-launch as a haven for kids and adults to engage around science, technology and learning. One of the biggest projects was the construction of a new theater that lets the center present images, videos and movies on a big screen using and HD projector and enveloping surround sound from SVS speakers and subwoofers. The pro-level theater was the renovation’s cornerstone and designed to captivate audiences and bring science and learning to life in an immersive way.

The 7.2.4 SVS Ultra surround sound system is being run with a Dolby Atmos AV receiver to provide overhead height channels and features two reference SVS PB16-Ultra subwoofers, two Ultra Bookshelf speakers as fronts, one Ultra Center speaker, two Ultra Surround speakers as side surrounds, two Ultra Bookshelf speakers as rear surrounds and four Ultra Bookshelf speakers for overhead height effects.

David and Evie Wexler, co-founders of The Little Guys, on how the new theater will serve the community, "This theater will amaze everyone who uses the center to expand their interest in science and engineering. Giving kids an option to have a blast and be entertained while learning is an awesome concept. We are incredibly grateful to SVS for donating a top of the line surround sound system that gets kids (and adults) more interested in learning. This sound system creates an experience way better than any local cinema, and we’re thrilled to share it with our community."

Recently, the Homewood Science Center hosted an “Eclipsapalooza” event during a solar eclipse that was visible in much of the United States. Before the eclipse, attendees watched and heard with crystal clear clarity, a feed from NASA scientists at Eclipse Central report on the goings-on at various locations around the country in the path for a total eclipse.

Gary Yacoubian, president and CEO of SVS, “Learning is more effective when you have powerful and engaging audio and video experiences to help deliver the message. Having seen the system in action, it’s amazing to see the reactions from kids feeling the bass from the PB16-Ultra subwoofers and reacting to the sensation of sound coming from all different directions. We wanted to provide serious Wow factor and this system delivers.”

The development of the theater was the result of the Wexler family's efforts to raise money and obtain equipment and lend expertise to its design, led by David Wexler, in honor of their late brother Michael Wexler. Homewood Science Center, just south of Chicago, is a non-profit organization with an extensive calendar of community STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) events. They host STEAM programming for kids grades K-8 and a variety of events for STEAM educators and enthusiasts through the South Suburban STEAM Network.

Yacoubian continued, “One of the kids who use this science center could be next acoustic engineer for SVS or discover a medical breakthrough, so anything we can do to promote an interest in science and learning is a huge positive.”

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Apr 28, 2020