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  • Home Theater Review Includes SVS Prime Elevation in “Best Speakers for Dolby Atmos”

    “The Multi-Purpose Wall Bracket that allows you to easily mount them to the wall or ceiling. Aesthetics are outstanding and will easily fit in with the interior of your home. Midrange is dynamic and detailed, while the treble is crisp and clear. An elite speaker.”
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  • YouTuber Ealan Osborne Crowns Prime Elevation as Top Dolby Atmos Speaker in Shootout

    “They come with their own mounting system and the versatility is just bonkers. Deeper bass than all the others and provides outstanding, full-sounding audio from a compact speaker design.”
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  • The Digital Cinema Reviews the Prime Elevation Loudspeaker

    “Dialog was remarkably clear with crisp highs and excellent clarity. Separation was nice, wide and clean. Presence was much fuller than I expected. SVS has created an extremely versatile design that not only performs great from multiple angles but also for multiple channels. Mounting was simple and quick. These are truly all-purpose speakers for today’s home theater set-ups. Delivers what it promises – in abundance!”
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  • The Next Web Reviews the Prime Elevation Loudspeaker

    “They’re versatile, easy to integrate with other speakers, and can help solve placement issues in all sorts of rooms. Eerily realistic. Threw out a large soundstage with greater punchiness. Atmos content displayed an altogether new level of realism. An easy recommendation.”
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  • Audio Reputation Reviews the Prime Elevation

    “Great midrange and treble reproduction. Much easier installation than in-ceiling speakers and delivers much better listening experience than height modules. It’s an awesome height speaker, especially if you don’t want or you are not allowed to drill holes in your ceiling. It can also be used as a front, center, or surround speaker. SVS Prime Elevation is the most versatile home theater speaker on the market!”
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  • AVS Forum Reviews the Prime Elevation Loudspeaker

    "The Prime Elevations sound better than any reflected-sound elevation speakers I have tried. Plus, they do it at a lower price than most. They also beat the sound of in-ceiling speakers. Their performance and price make them a top choice for getting the most out of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D. The best 3D immersive audio experience you can have."
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  • High Def Digest Reviews the Prime Elevation Loudspeaker

    "With the Prime Elevation speakers installed, I have grown to appreciate Dolby Surround and DTS:Neural:X up-mixing. I prefer the direct output to ceiling bounce. An impressive speaker and a ready-made upgrade for the vast majority of home theaters and anyone who wants to take advantage of the latest audio surround formats."
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  • Screen Anarchy Reviews the Prime Elevation Loudspeaker

    "A perfect speaker solution for Atmos channels. Far more neutral, precise and better sounding than the competition and I love the flexible mounting. I’ve reached a caliber in my setup that I never dreamed possible."
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  • LifeWire Reviews the Prime Elevation Speaker

    Performed well in a variety of roles…Great option for Dolby Atmos, without the hassle of cutting into the ceiling and routing wire through the walls and ceiling.
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  • Tech Hive Reviews the Prime Elevation

    “This is one of the smartest and most practical speakers I’ve ever come across. The perfect height speaker for any Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro-3D installation. Absolutely stunning!”
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  • The Master Switch Reviews the Prime Elevation

    The sound was absolutely extraordinary. They offer so many possibilities, and can adapt to so many circumstances. No matter where we put them, or the kind of audio we pumped through them, they handled everything brilliantly.
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  • Prime Elevation Review by Widescreen Review

    "The Elevations are just too good to use only as height channels…Highly recommended…A 10 out of 10 from me on this one."
    -Widescreen Review
  • Reviews the Prime Elevation

    "SVS has another winner on its hands with the Prime Elevation speaker, and kudos to the company for thinking outside the box to consider the needs of those who don’t have the perfect listening space. This little guy can wear many hats…and wear them well."
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  • AVRant Interview with Gary Yacoubian, SVS President

    Hear our president discuss why Prime Elevation is the world’s most versatile home theater speaker and how it delivers a highly immersive, uncompromised height effects speaker experience with Tom and Rob on the AVRant Podcast.
    -AVRant Podcast #467
  • HTGuys on Prime Elevation

    "These are more than just Atmos Speakers. They have a very unique design that’s super versatile. A lot of engineering went into this and it will really change how people think about home theater speakers."
    -HTGuys (podcast)
  • Audioholics on Prime Elevation

    "As a company that stands behind real science in audio, it's not surprising that SVS has come up with an elevation [height effects] speaker that relies on sending the direct sound to the listener rather than the compromised bounce popularized by Dolby Speakers. Very exciting."
  • Home Theater Shack on Prime Elevation

    "As you’ll see, its unique design and positioning possibilities make it an excellent candidate to help marry multiple surround and immersive formats available on the market today."
  • AVProductReviews on Prime Elevation

    "Adaptable is the term best used to describe SVS’s new Prime Elevation speakers. The trapezoidal speakers are flexible enough to be used for a multitude of home theater configurations."
  • on Prime Elevation

    "Because the entire Prime series is timbre matched, the addition of the Prime Elevation to the lineup vastly expands the potential of the system. It’s nice to see reflected sound elevation channel option that isn’t tied to one specific immersive format."
  • on Prime Elevation

    "While we would all love to have the perfectly shaped theater room, or even dedicated space, it’s almost never a reality and that’s where a directional speaker like Prime Elevation can make a mountain of difference. I think it’s a fantastic idea."