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  • HT Hobbyist (YouTube) Reviews the SB-1000 Subwoofer

    “Able to energize my room and punch me in the chest, which was surprising for such a compact sub. It’s very accurate, very articulate and sounds incredible for music. Absolutely beautiful sound.”
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  • Audioholics Reviews the Prime Wireless 2.1 Powered Speaker System

    "The clarity, precision, and dynamic range is in a whole different league. Besides this, the SVS Prime Wireless system is one that will grow with you and change to match your needs. The sheer volume of different ways in which this system can be used dwarfs other Bluetooth and wireless offerings I’ve seen, and the soundstage they create is clear and precise. Somehow, SVS has found a way to make these speakers small and unassuming so that will blend into the space in which you place them, yet grand and eloquent enough to be admired as a piece of high-quality furniture. Incredibly realistic mids and highs, and with the inclusion of the separate SB-1000 subwoofer, made for a full range system to satisfy any critical audiophile wanting a lifestyle solution."
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  • Prime Wireless Receives the AVForums Recommended Award

    "A well-proportioned and classically handsome speaker that should look as happy in a lounge full of antique furniture as it will in a fashionable pad of modern gear. Delivers a commendably neutral and tonally honest performance and does a good job of presenting a wide and cohesive soundstage. Consistently impressive, it easily earns our recommendation."
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  • Prime Wireless Receives the AVS Forum Top Picks 2018 Award

    “Their ability to 3D image is uncanny, you’ll find yourself appreciating music that’s well produced. They deliver a crisp sound that lets you listen deeply into the mix. For standing out in a crowded field of wireless speakers that simply do not sound as good, SVS gets a Top Choice award for 2018. It’s a high-performance audiophile-quality lifestyle-friendly solution to adding great sound to any room. An undeniably easy way to achieve audio nirvana. The Prime Wireless speakers are exactly what anyone in the know would expect from the price/performance leader in the world of audio.”
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