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  • Reference Home Theater Reviews the SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cable and SoundPath RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

    "The SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables and Interconnects are a great way to get the most out of your system without breaking the bank, an easy recommendation. The SVS Ultra Speaker Cables adds an air of sophistication to my home theater that was previously missing."

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  • - Sean Killebrew Reviews the SoundPath Interconnect Cables

    "The bottom line is that, in terms of build quality and price-to-performance ratio, SVS has hit a home run with the SoundPath Interconnects."
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  • Canada Free Press - Jim Bray Reviews the SoundPath Audio Cables

    "...the SoundPaths were better than my old connectors, transmitting a nice and clean, transparent sound. The bottom line is that you get a cable that works well, should last a long time, and that looks classy while doing it...with a starting retail price of $30 per cable."
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