Press Reviews

  • HiFi Trends Reviews the Prime Tower Loudspeaker

    "An incredible speaker. The imaging and soundstage are excellent, the scale is incredible, and they have a lovely midrange. The bass and dynamics are exceptional as well. The heavy-duty build quality, along with the high-quality components, equates to a reasonably priced speaker that can do a lot of great stuff."
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  • Sound Advice Reviews the SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cable

    "SoundPath Ultra speaker cables are stylish and you can sense the quality when you hold them. They offer the same sonic benefits as speaker cables I’ve heard that cost $20,000."
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  • Audio Video Revolution Reviews the SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cable

    "The SVS cables proved they were easily at home with gear costing far, far more. Their presentation was extremely balanced, smooth, and without any sonic deficiencies. Recommending SVS SoundPath RCA interconnects and Ultra speaker cables is a no brainer."
  • Reference Home Theater Reviews the SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cable and SoundPath RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

    "The SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables and Interconnects are a great way to get the most out of your system without breaking the bank, an easy recommendation. The SVS Ultra Speaker Cables adds an air of sophistication to my home theater that was previously missing."

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  • Reference Home Theater - Chris Heinonen Reviews the Ultra Bookshelf

    “…the Ultra Bookshelf has no trouble filling a room. For $1,000 a pair it is a very impressive speaker, even when compared to those costing 50% more… Great bass, good depth to music, good soundstage, very nice build quality.”
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