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Featuring award-winning technology from the Ultra Series, the 2000 Series subwoofers are the most popular SVS models in SVS history for their rare combination of effortless output, subterranean extension and intelligent processing, all at a price that is within reach of any audio enthusiast. This potent recipe is redefining expectations for subwoofers in every class.

All SVS 2000 Series subwoofers feature a 500 Watts RMS, 1,100 Watts peak power Sledge STA-500D DSP amplifier and robust 12-inch high-excursion driver for deep, room-filing bass output that elevates every audio experience.

For a limited time, you can get our most popular models for up to $150 off the original price.

One of the first questions many people ask when choosing a new powered home subwoofer or replacing an old one is, should I go with a ported or sealed box cabinet enclosure?

Home Theater Review - Best Under $1000

User Reviews

Dave H. Reviews the SB-2000

"Amazing that so much good sound can come from a smaller box. It has enough controls that integrating it into a system should be straight forward. And the qu...

Donn B. Reviews the SB-2000

"The SB-2000 hits hard, deep, and does so musically and with an effortlessness that makes me break out into a stupid grin every time I listen to music or wat...

Eugene Reviews the SB-2000

"I love the these subs. The bass is tight and floor shaking."- Eugene.

T.I. Reviews the PC-2000

"I am rarely lost for words, but this sub has me speechless."- T.I.

Christopher S. Reviews the PB-2000

"Sub arrived very well boxed and protected. Fired it up with all kinds of venues and was blown away. Punches hard and clean. Tested the Sub-low frequencies w...

Mark O. Reviews the SB-2000

"… a resounding two thumbs up and are easily one of the smartest audio investments I have ever made."- Mark O.

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Press Reviews

Thomas & Stereo (YouTube) Reviews Dual PC-2000 s

"This fantastic subwoofer exceeded my expectations. The subwoofer control app is a god send. It has pure room rattling power and delivers a great experience ...

SB-2000 Review by HomeTheaterReview

“The SB-2000 provided plenty of power while cleanly extending the lower registers smoothly and accurately. Provided all the impact and low frequency punch ev...

Elrief1 Reviews the PB-2000 (Youtube)

"The PB-2000 does everything you would want from a high-end subwoofer, and more. Build quality is top-notch, the sound is out of this world with bass that w...

Enjoy the Music Reviews the SB-2000

"The SB-2000 went deep enough to satisfy any material that passed through and its bass was tight and pitch specific…can fight way above its weight class, an...

LVLOne Reviews the SB-2000

"You can’t get a better subwoofer for the price of $699 and it easily rivals bigger more expensive brands. This subwoofer can fill up sound in nearly any hom...

Stereowise Reviews the PC-2000

"Sonic overload, it was loud, clean, dynamic and hard-hitting. It shook the whole house! Based on its design, features, quality and performance, the SVS PC-...

TONEAudio Reviews the SB-2000

The SB2000 can deliver prodigious output…the texture and articulation felt great…the quality of the bass produced is excellent… A very impressive performance.

Positive Feedback Magazine - Victor Chavira Reviews the SB-2000

"I admire the unobtrusive proportions, rounded edges, and curved perforated metal grille…The utter speed and dynamism of the SB-2000 was unexpected and enth...

New Record Day Reviews Dual PC-2000 s

"Bazookas of bass awesomeness. Deep, powerful and downright musical, completely satisfied the bass freak in me. You are headed for sonic paradise when you ow...

PC-2000 Receives Audioholics Bassaholic Certified Large Award

“The PC-2000 has very accurate bass reproduction, deep low frequency extension, smooth integration and is the market leader in terms of footprint vs. perform...

Z Reviews - Review of the PB-2000

"SVS, they are the name for subwoofers. You work your way up through other brands, but then you have SVS. Their products just WORK in every room set-up."

Reference Home Theater - Stephen Hornbrook Reviews the PC-2000

"...it will get your house shaking… easily makes our recommended list.”

Area DVD Reviews the PC-2000

"Sound depth, differentiation, and volume - everything was absolutely top notch/top level. (Tiefgang, Staffelung, Volumen – alles absolut auf Top-Level.)"

About.com - Robert Silva Reviews the PC-2000

"Overall, the PC-2000 provided a clean, deep, and forceful bass response… excellent with both music and movies… and can really put out a lot of deep bass fo...

Electronic House Awards the PC-2000 2015 Product of the Year

"With a footprint measuring just 16.5 inches in diameter, the PC-2000 delivers unmatched bass performance per square-inch of floor space and comes standard ...

Geekanoids Reviews the Prime Bookshelf Surround System and SB-2000

"You really have to hear these to believe how convincing they really are… I was blown away!"

Home Cinema Choice Reviews the PB-2000

“This all-round ability makes the SVS something of a star. It can deliver the eyeball-crushing silliness of movie night without breaking sweat, while relish...

SB-2000 Receives the AVTech Best Award

"Feed it a movie soundmix and the SB-2000 provides hair-raising levels of low-frequency fun, adding tight, authentic weight to both effects and score. Switc...

Sound + Vision names our PB-2000 and SB-2000 as “Best under $1000”

PB-2000 Receives the HomeTheaterReview.com Best of 2014 Award

"…capable of the necessary brute force…surprisingly nuanced and detailed."

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Special Offer!
The most popular SVS subwoofer of all-time is musical, well-balanced powerhouse that digs below 20Hz and blends with any speakers. Powerful enough to energize a space with deep and effortless bass yet compact enough to fit into any décor.

$ 599.99

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 500 watts RMS (1100 watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 19-220 hz ±3 DB
  • Dimension | 14.6" (H) 14.2" (W) 15.4" (D)

$ 599.99

Special Offer!
Demolishes all performance benchmarks while outclassing more expensive subwoofers in every way. The ported subwoofer delivers room-shaking, heart-pounding output down to 17Hz with accuracy and precision.

$ 699.99

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 500 watts RMS (1100 watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 17-260 Hz ± 3 dB
  • Dimension | 20.9" (H) 17.3" (W) 23.2" (D)

$ 699.99

PC-2000 is no longer in stock. Check out the 2000 Pro Series subwoofers to experience the next generation with massive performance and usability upgrades. Or browse the SVS Outlet store for the best prices you’ll find on all SVS subwoofers.
  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 500 watts RMS (1100 watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 16-260 Hz ± 3 dB
  • Dimension | 34.34" (H) 16.6" (W) 16.6" (D)

$ 749.99 $ 849.99