SB-4000: Powered Home Theater Subwoofer

Dual SB-4000

From $2,799.99

Chest-thumping slam and extreme low frequency extension with pinpoint accuracy and refined musicality, sets all performance benchmarks and leaves larger and more expensive subs trembling in its wake.

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PB-4000 Home Theater Subwoofer

Dual PB-4000

From $3,599.99

Staggering low-frequency output and subterranean deep bass extension down to 13Hz with an amazing degree of subtlety and finesse to thrill both action movie buffs and ardent audiophiles.

PC-4000: Powered Home Theater Subwoofer

Dual PC-4000

From $3,399.99

With a footprint measuring just 16-inches in diameter, the iconic cylinder subwoofer design is only available from SVS, and achieves unparalleled low frequency output and deep bass extension per inch of floor-space.

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