Acoustically Centered Time Alignment Cabinet Architecture

Curved front baffle aligns the acoustic center of all drivers on a vertical plane ensuring sound from each driver reaches your ears at the exact same instant.

Maximizes phase coherence for more convincing and immersive soundstage with pinpoint accuracy and imaging.

Midrange drivers and woofers positioned above and below the tweeter allow for seamless crossover blending to create an idealized “point-source” where sound emanates from single point in front of the speaker to optimize dispersion characteristics.

Diamond Coated Aluminum Dome Tweeter

At the forefront of audio engineering is a process called Vapor Deposition where a layer of diamond carbon is applied to the aluminum dome tweeters to vastly improve rigidity and acoustic properties.

This breakthrough in material science raises the breakup frequency well beyond the limits of human hearing resulting in effortless, airy, and unveiled high frequencies at any drive level with no measurable distortion.

The diamond coating also pushes low frequency extension of the tweeter deeper for more seamless blending with the midrange.

Organic Cell Lattice Tweeter Diffuser

Protects the dome and employs semi-random pattern derived from organic cell structures to improve off-axis response and maximize the listening sweet spot.

Quad 8” Woofers in Force Balanced Opposed Array

Dual opposing active woofers on the top and bottom of the cabinet render effortless low frequency response while addressing room modes with authoritative and uniform bass throughout the room.

Mechanical energy from each front-firing woofer is equaled inside the cabinet by the rear-firing woofer. This eliminates mechanical coloration for accurate, pristine bass at any playback level.

Dual 5.25" Glass Fiber Composite Midrange Drivers

Superb stiffness to mass ratio on dual driver array conveys stunning dynamics with flawless tonal accuracy.

Chamfered Front Baffle

Tapered edges on the cabinet’s front baffle, known as chamfers, minimize edge diffraction for optimal off-axis frequency response.