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The SVS Training Team is committed to the continual education of retail partners on the SVS brand, our products, enhancing selling skills, and infusing a passion for creating immersive audio experiences for everyone.

This training page is a place where you will find all resources needed to understand the unique SVS value proposition and to be successful selling our world-class speakers, subwoofers and accessories. Whether you need spec sheets, a catalog, an overview on a category of products, or have a new hire that you need to immerse in the world of SVS; there are resources here for you.

If you need to request a training, or if there is something else that you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Training Team (, and they’ll be more than happy to assist.

SVS Training Videos

Introduction to the SVS Brand Training (Updated)

For those unfamiliar with the SVS brand story, and our go to market strategies, this is where to start. We will take you through how SVS engages our customers, how we focus on bringing new people into the high-performance audio space, and then introduce you to the core brand attributes of SVS.

SVS Subwoofers and Control Training (Updated)

In this training we will discuss the different types of SVS subwoofers, what SVS strives for when making a world class subwoofer, and then a detailed walkthrough of the entire lineup. You will also be introduced to the SVS Subwoofer Matching Tool and the SVS Subwoofer Control Smartphone App.

SVS Speakers and Packages Training (Updated)

The focus of this training is to introduce you to the two series of SVS speakers, the Prime and Ultra Series. You will understand the differences between the Prime and Ultra series, how they can be paired together, and see how SVS focuses on bringing inclusive and immersive experiences to more people.

SVS Prime Wireless Training

In this session you will be introduced to the Prime Wireless family of products from SVS and learn about the approach we are taking to the wireless multi-room audio segment. In a category that generally focuses more on lifestyle factors than sound quality, SVS Prime Wireless Speakers and Prime Wireless SoundBase deliver convincing and immersive sound with all the connectivity and modern digital conveniences one expects from a premium wireless audio product.

SVS Subwoofer Control App Demonstration Video

This video will take you through how to use the SVS Subwoofer control app, and introduce you to the features and capabilities that you have at your fingertips to truly fine tune any of the compatible SVS subwoofers.

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DTS Play-Fi App Demonstration Video

In this video you will be introduced to the DTS Play-Fi app, along with how to setup a system, configure your rooms, and become familiar with the numerous features within the app. There is a complete walkthrough from initial setup, through adding presets, creating groups and more.

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Full Line Catalog

PDF version of the full line SVS product brochure. Includes: Subwoofers, Speakers, Wireless, and SoundPath accessories. If you would like to request physical printed copies of these, just email, and we can ship you as many as you need.

Subwoofer Spec Sheets

A collection of spec sheets for the SVS subwoofer families separated by series. Includes features and specifications in an easy to follow layout for each line from 1000 series up to flagship reference 16-Ultra.

Speaker Spec Sheets

A collection of spec sheets for the SVS speaker families that is separated by series. Includes features and specifications in an easy to follow layout for the Prime Series, Ultra Series and Prime Wireless Wireless product lines.

Product Manuals

Takes you to main page with instruction manuals for every product in the SVS lineup (and some legacy models), along with their Quick Start Guides. The instructions and quick start guides are exactly what is included in the box. There are also more detailed and stylized spec sheets for each product as well.

Subwoofer Matching Tool

Looking for the perfect subwoofer to complement your speakers? Select your specific speaker brand and model and the SVS Subwoofer Matching Tool will make recommendations and provide the exact settings for optimizing output and performance. Utilize this as a closing and recommending tool during sales and ensure you make the right product recommendation every time. If you happen to encounter a set of speakers that are not included in the tool, just call our Sound Experts team at 1-877-626-5623, and they’ll assist you.

Speaker System Builder

Trying to design a complete SVS surround experience? Whether it’s a simple 5.1 system, or an over-the-top 11 channel surround package, the SVS System builder will help you in designing a complete system for any customer needs. There are preconfigured packages, or you can design your own using the template provided.





Document Library


Demo Recommendations - Movies

This document has a selection of some of our favorite demos at SVS. It offers over the top theatrical demos, immersive musical experiences, and some great concert material as well. The demos are marked with time codes, and offer links to view the scenes on YouTube to familiarize yourself with them.

The Training Team

Lary McGough

Larry McGough, National Training Manager

Larry started in consumer electronics industry in 1997 like most of us do, in sales. He immediately took to the opportunity of selling audio and video products which came from his love of movies and music growing up. Over the years his skill set evolved as he went from sales, to leadership, to brand representative, to training, and now National Training Manager of a Worldwide Brand. He has a passion for movies and audio experiences, which he enjoys sharing with everyone he can through training. For those rare times he’s not on the road, he loves to just be home with his wife, three boys, and five dogs. You’ll find them gaming, watching movies, and firing up the smoker for regular weekend barbeques.

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