Music Lover “Makes System Come Alive” with Dual SVS Subwoofers in California

Andrew K. from Santa Barbara, CA

Yearning for the chest-thumping sound he experienced as a kid from his Dad’s monstrous tower speakers, Andrew from Santa Barbara discovered the truth in bass from a pair of SVS SB-4000 subwoofers. Movie nights at home with his wife are also a more common occurrence with theaters closed and they’re thankful for a system that, “Hits incredibly hard!”.

The Setup:

  • Technics SE-A5 MK 2 Amplifier
  • AudioQuest Rocket 33 Cables
  • 2 AC Infinity fans
  • Xbox One X
  • Sony 65" 930f

Questions And Answers:

How did you first hear about SVS?

I first heard of SVS through online research, specifically in AV forums when searching for the best subwoofers. After that, I visited your website and began to do my own research on your company.

When/Why did you first start getting into high-performance audio?

It all started back when I was a child, my father had these huge towers that he would blast 80's and 90's rock music on. I still remember to this day dancing around and feeling the bass envelope me. As I, grew older, I knew I had to have a system of my own. I started off slow and over the course of a few years built my system into what it is now. As funny as this may sound, after work I like to decompress from a long day by either listening to music or watching movies at reference levels.

What was the impact of adding SB-4000 subwoofers to your system?

When I first started buying my equipment that would make up my system, I purchased the MartinLogan Motion 60XT's which sounded great, but soon after I realized that there was something missing from most of the music I was listening to... bass! I purchased one SB-4000 and listened to it for a little over a year before adding another to my system. The impact of the first subwoofer in my system made it come alive. After the second, bass was slamming in a way I remember as a kid. I could feel as the drums hit in my chest again.

What made you decide to go dual?

I decided to go duals because I wanted to have a smoother frequency response in all areas of my listening positions. Also, the added punch of running duals was an awesome addition.

Why is bass important to creating an immersive listening experience?

Bass is important to creating an immersive listening experience because it envelopes the person that is listening. The first thing that I always notice in someone's set up is how does the bass sound. Way too many times have I been somewhere and heard a system that sounds boomy and distorted. I want to hear accurate and hard-hitting bass.

How have the SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation Systems affected performance?

The SoundPath Isolation System has greatly reduced objects from shaking in my house. I have wood floors and before I used the Isolation System, everything rattled! After installation, there was a night and day difference in the quality of sound.

Any specific movie or music moments that really impressed you as far as the LFE goes?

Music has always been a love of mine. I really enjoy rock, hip hop, and rap music... really anything that has great bass. After running duals for the first time, I put on Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" and was blown away. In regards to movies, one of my favorites is "Fury." I've seen it at least 10 times. The entire movie has an amazing LFE track that hits incredibly hard when the tanks are firing or moving. Another movie that has a great scene for LFE is "Ready Player One." At the end, when the final big fight scene is going down, the robots battling and all the commotion really puts the SB4000's to the test.

Why is having a high-performance home theater important to you?

It is important to me because movies and music are an almost everyday occurrence, so having something I can use daily that I enjoy is amazing. I always joke with my wife when a new movie comes out that now we have to wait until it comes to disc so we can see it in our house! I built this system to be enjoyed in my home.

Anything else you would like to share with the SVS community?

The forums that people create have really helped me over the years to learn and understand all that goes into home theaters and music setup.

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