Modern Illinois Apartment Transformed into Immersive Audiophile Retreat.

Steve in Villa Park, IL

Seeking an escape from the grind of everyday life, Steve S. wanted a home audio system that emphasized clarity and detail while providing enough low end to energize his space without getting him evicted. After upgrading to a 5.1 SVS Ultra Speaker, SB-1000 subwoofer system with SoundPath Cables, his apartment home theater delivers everything he wants and more. Perfectly happy for now, Steve has visions of a dedicated home theater with dual PB16-Ultras when the time comes.

The Setup:

  • 65inch LG OLED TV
  • Marantz SR5014 AVR
  • Sony UBP-x700 4k Ultra Media Player
  • Sony PS4
  • Amazon Alexa Show (controls all A/V equipment plus illumination)
  • Logitech Harmony Elite with Hub
  • Phillips Hue LEDs with Hub

Questions And Answers:

When and why did you first start getting into high performance home theater and audio?

II've always enjoyed movies and music. I started my own DJ company back in high school and built several car audio systems. My family would see movies several times a week. It was our go-to family event. My Brother, Craig, and I still to this day have this weird habit of carrying on entire conversations by only quoting movies. LOL. But, just in the last year or so have I decided to start to build a home system that I could enjoy daily with the goal of eventually having my own home theater.

What was the impact of adding an SVS Subwoofer? Why did you choose the model you did?

I have always heard good things of SVS subwoofers. Quite honestly, I went with the SB-1000 because I didn't want to be evicted. Ha. While I truly enjoy bass, not all of my neighbors might. I wanted to go as small as possible while still providing enough low end. And while the SB-1000 is the smallest subwoofer SVS offers, it still delivers and then some! Trust me though, when the home theater is finally built, a pair of PB16s in definitely in my future.

How has the addition of SVS Ultra speakers changed your listening experience? Was there a reason you went with all bookshelf models and a dedicated Center?

I was going for clarity in my setup. The Ultras are outstanding. The rich full sound they provide is amazing. I am hearing things in movies and music that I never knew existed before. I firmly believe that the Center Channel is probably the most important speaker in a system. I've had fronts and subs in the past that have overpowered the vocal track. The balance the Bookshelves and the Center provide create a soundstage that is spectacular.

Love your room, what sort of design/aesthetic goals did you have for the space?

Thanks!!!! I've always enjoyed home decor. My Mom was very big into it and was very influential. I was going for a minimalist/modern/classic look, if there is such a thing. You’ll also notice a car movie/tv show wall. Being from Detroit originally, cars were a big thing growing up, so it was important for me to have that represented. I think I've created a very cool bachelor pad.

What are some of your all-time favorite movie or music audio experiences?

For movies.....Saving Private Ryan for audio and The Fifth Element for visual. For music, give me some classic Pink Floyd, Rage Against The Machine, or some old school Techno/EDM. Shout out to the Wizard on WJLB back in Detroit during the old days.

Why is having a high performance home theater important to you?

To be able to experience amazing sounds and visuals in your own living room/home theater is an experience like non-other. It is like an escape from everyday life.

Anything else you’d like to promote or share with the SVS community?

After a ton of research online, I decided to take a chance on SVS sight "unheard" based on reviews and testimonials. I have ABSOLUTELY no regrets. Their products are awesome and the customer support is truly one of a kind. Could not recommend SVS more.

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