SVS Staff Demo-Worthy Picks

At SVS, we take our passion for immersive audio experiences home with us. Each month, one of our team members shares a “Staff Demo Worthy Pick” for the SVS newsletter by choosing a favorite movie, album, video game or other piece of content that embodies why we love what we do.

Brad Mares, Customer Service Associate image

Brad Mares

Customer Service Associate

July 2017: Fury screenshot

July 2017: Fury

One of the recent movies that really grabbed my attention is the WWII movie Fury. Obviously tank battles and subwoofers go great together and this particular movie has mind boggling sound effects and deep LFE content that really showcases the dynamics and output of my system at extreme levels.

Judi Axe, Accounting Manager image

Judi Axe

Accounting Manager

May 2017: Phish, “Backwards Down the Number Line” screenshot

May 2017: Phish, “Backwards Down the Number Line”

“This song reminds me of my soul mate, and hearing it through my SVS speakers just adds so much more emotional impact from the vocal clarity and dynamic instrumentals. You can be having a terrible day and after you listen to this song, you ask yourself, “Why?“, and it serves as a cathartic, AHHHH moment.”

Jason Penezich, Production Designer image

Jason Penezich

Production Designer

May 2017: Daredevil - Season 2 screenshot

May 2017: Daredevil - Season 2

"One scene from season two has Daredevil rescuing Punisher and they have to fight their way out of a warehouse. The surround action is insanely intense and there’s some subwoofer energy from explosions and the overall mayhem that totally brings my room to life."

Smith Freeman, Director of Product Management image

Smith Freeman

Director of Product Management

April 2017: Concert Blu-ray - NIN, Beside You in Time screenshot

April 2017: Concert Blu-ray - NIN, Beside You in Time

"Trent Reznor and his crew are among the most engaging and dynamic performers I have had the pleasure of seeing live. This Blu-ray brings every bit of that home with an amazing 5.1 Dolby TrueHD presentation, huge sound stage and amazing dynamics. My SB16-Ultra subwoofer completely transports me with kick drums to the chest and visceral bass that’s on par with a live concert. Tracks like Closer, Only, and Terrible Lie are a total system work out that put a giant stupid grin on my face every time."

Dennis Johnson, Customer Service Associate image

Dennis Johnson

Customer Service Associate

March 2017: Resident Evil - Extinction screenshot

March 2017: Resident Evil - Extinction

By far my favorite Resident Evil movie! The infected crow scene has intense bass and you get a pretty gnarly low frequency effect when Alice burns the sky. My PB-2000 really shook the room and scared everyone in the house in the best way possible.

Mitch Witten, Senior Director, Strategic Development image

Mitch Witten

Strategic Development

February 2017: The Human Condition,

February 2017: The Human Condition, "The Good In Me"

This track has a beautiful sounding old school FM synthesizer sound for the melody line and the eclectic blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation is really different. Jon has a powerful voice and he really lets loose on this track. The song is loaded with dynamic range and very deep bass that is an excellent test how well a speaker can handle the quietest quiet passages as well as the more powerful louder passages without strain

John Fetchet, Operations Manager image

John Fetchet

Operations Manager

January 2017: 13 Hours screenshot

January 2017: 13 Hours

When the embassy was set on fire, the musical score really increased the sense of tension, and since Michael Bay directed it, every shot of gunfire and every explosion is masterfully mixed for full sonic impact. It felt like a war zone in my living room.

Eli Trinkle, Operations and Marketing Services Manager image

Eli Trinkle

Operations and Marketing Services Manager

December 2016: X-Men - Apocalypse screenshot

December 2016: X-Men - Apocalypse

Early on, a pyramid gets destroyed and the low frequency energy is a sonic assault that almost makes it feel like your room is going to crumble. There’s also tons of great side and rear channel sound effects that keep your head spinning throughout.

Nick Brown, Director of Brand Messaging image

Nick Brown

Director of Brand Messaging

December 2015: San Andreas screenshot

December 2015: San Andreas

"Initially, I thought my dog was going to have a heart attack when some of the buildings started falling, but despite it being a love story about The Rock, San Andreas had some really solid sound effects from the helicopters, breaking glass, and the scene where they drove a boat into and over a tsunami. Don't expect a lot of thought-provoking dialogue, but prepare for a subwoofer workout."

Carly Magnuson, Administrative Manager image

Carly Magnuson

Administrative Manager

November 2016: Cake by the Ocean, DNCE screenshot

November 2016: Cake by the Ocean, DNCE

I have two favorite songs that bring me back to the dancing at my wedding reception. The first is Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon,” and the second is “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE. Whenever I play those songs on my Prime Towers, I hear the smooth, rich baritone of Frank and feel the catchy bass line of from DNCE in a way that takes me back. That’s what I love about music and audio.

Ed Mullen, Director of Technology and Customer Service image

Ed Mullen

Director of Technology and Customer Service

September 2016: Favorite Dolby Atmos Movies screenshot

September 2016: Favorite Dolby Atmos Movies

My list for top Dolby Atmos®* audio demos would have to include: 13 Hours, Edge of Tomorrow, Ender’s Game, Gravity, Mad Max Fury Road, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Terminator Genisys, The Expendables 3 and Transformers Age of Extinction. All of them have head-spinning surround channel activity and duck-for-cover levels of overhead Atmos sound effects. It’s truly the most immersive way to enjoy a movie.

Vince Marks, Marketing Team image

Vince Marks

Marketing Team

August 2016: A$AP Ferg & Future, New Level screenshot

August 2016: A$AP Ferg & Future, New Level

Honorable CNOTE did an amazing job producing this song. It is a very catchy beat with a bassline that has some attitude to it. The violin strings will get your attention and once the bass drops, this song is almost guaranteed to be added to a playlist. Especially if you're a hip-hop enthusiast. With my PB13-Ultra, this song pulses through to my bones.

Dave Fedorchak, Warehouse Manager image

Dave Fedorchak

Warehouse Manager

July 2016: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 screenshot

July 2016: Call of Duty Black Ops 3

One of my favorite audio demos is Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Treyarch’s development team did an amazing job with the audio in this video game. You can feel the explosions in your chest and the bullets whiz by as if you’re actually in battle. Great pick-up for anyone who enjoys the intensity of first person shooter games.

Keenan Davis, Senior Director of Marketing image

Keenan Davis

Senior Director of Marketing

June 2016: Game of Thrones screenshot

June 2016: Game of Thrones

I’ve been really impressed by the audio in Game of Thrones, especially the big battle scenes. The most intense scene from Season 6 has to be when the Khaleesi (Daenerys Targaryen) burns all the Dothraki leaders before taking control. There was some really intense background music and the screams carried a sense of primal fear that really came out in my Ultra Towers. I also loved the Red Wedding & the Battle of Blackwater scene from a few seasons ago. There were some truly ground-shaking effects that make it one of the best demo scenes I can think of.

Dan Marks, Vice President, Operations image

Dan Marks


May 2016: Deadpool screenshot

May 2016: Deadpool

The opening chase scene in Deadpool is exactly how an action movie should begin. The CGI is incredible but the aggressive mix on the surround channel provided some cool spatial effects with sounds whizzing by and also noticeable from a distance. And then the low frequency effects from the crashing and explosions just crushed my living room. Definitely a lot of complex sounds and depth here.

Larry McGough, National Training Manager image

Larry McGough

National Training Manager

May 2016: TMNT 2 screenshot

May 2016: TMNT 2

"The new Ninja Turtles movie is a killer demo all the way around. The Dolby Atmos soundtrack is vibrant and full throughout the entire movie, but for me, the killer scene from the movie is in chapter 14, when the Turtles are trying to escape down the side of a snow packed mountain while being chased by trucks, gunfire, etc. All channels are super active, but there are two large bass sweeps that for me are IMAX level deep and will rock any enthusiast to their bones"

Jack Gilvey, SVS Customer Service Manager image

Jack Gilvey

SVS Customer Service Manager

April 2016: Roger Waters screenshot

April 2016: Roger Waters

"Roger Waters' "The Wall" is a favorite of mine, musically and sonically. Powerful bass, explosive dynamics, and an incredibly immersive soundstage due to the processing. This is a recording I've used to test the imaging mettle of many a speaker (Prime Towers nail it!), and with a capable system, it throws a huge picture over a full 180 degrees with incredible details and nuance that send shivers down your spine. It's recently been released on Dolby Atmos, which sounds absolutely incredible.

Ryan Alfredo, E-Commerce Web Developer image

Ryan Alfredo

E-Commerce Web Developer

March 2016: XCOM 2 (PC) screenshot

March 2016: XCOM 2 (PC)

After completing the very first mission, a cutscene began depicting my ship returning to home base. As the craft approached the landing pad with its down-firing thrusters roaring to slow its descent, I remember being in a state of awe from the rumble of my SB-1000 subwoofer. For that moment, it felt as if the entirety of my bedroom was this little ship landing on my computer screen.

Gary Yacoubian, President image

Gary Yacoubian


February 2016: Fury Road screenshot

February 2016: Fury Road

Of all the Dolby Atmos movies I've seen, Mad Max does the best job of drawing you in with audio action that's happening all around and on top of you. It doesn't hurt that most of the movie is an all-out assault on your senses, but I've watched this a few times and continue to notice new details and marvel at how well it's executed.

Monique Tomko, Office Manager image

Monique Tomko

Office Manager

January 2016: Frozen screenshot

January 2016: Frozen

When the big snowman, Marshmallow, makes his first appearance outside the castle and starts chasing Anna and Kristof, my SB-1000 subwoofer really kicked into action. Between the background music, the thunderous footsteps, and the snowman's deep roar, there's a lot going on but all the sound effects come across crystal clear. I can remember my daughter gripping my arm tighter and tighter as they hung off the cliff and eventually dropped.