3000 Series Dual Subwoofers

SVS President Gary Yacoubian shares five things to listen for when choosing a subwoofer for your home theater of HiFi system.

Home Theater Review - Editors Choice 2022
Home Theater Review - Best Subwoofer of the Year 2022
Soundstage - Product of the Year Award 2021
HiFi Magazine - Recommended
AVSForum - Recommended 2021 Award
The Master Switch - Editor's Choice Award
AVTech Media Awards 2019/2020 - Best Subwoofer
Consumer Technology Association - 2020 Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence Winner
Audioholics - Product of the Year Award - 2019
Stereophile - Product of the Year: Editors Choice
SoundStage Network - Product of the Year Award
CES - 2020 Innovation Award
HiFi Test TV HiFi - 2019  Reference Class Award
HiFi Test TV HiFi - 2019 Highlight Award
EISA - SB-3000 Award
AVForums - Highly Recommended Award 2019
Hemmabio - Test Winner

User Reviews

Jeremy B. Reviews the 3000 Micro

"I have a high end 2 channel system and it was just lacking a little "low end". To say I'm blown away is an understatement. You have built an absolutely incr...

EEWdad reviews the 3000 Micro

"if you are looking for terrific bass performance in a small form factor, this is it. Great-looking, too."- EEWdad.

Ross K. Reviews the 3000 Micro

"This is a fantastic subwoofer. I'm using it for a desktop system primarily focused on music."- Ross K.

Michael B. Reviews the PB-3000

"Everything I was expecting and more!! SVS has hit the jackpot with this sub..."- Michael B.

Jim D. Reviews the SB-3000

"This sub has made all the difference! Amazing change that gave me the chest thump I was looking for even at low volumes."

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Press Reviews

Forbes Names SB-3000 “Best Overall”

“If you want super deep bass and powerful audio, it’s a great option. Support for the app and controls on the back make for easy tweaks. Plus, it looks great.”

YouTube Creator ‘Spec Of Tech’ Reviews PB-3000

“The PB-3000 demonstrates a nice balance of bass that works very well for music and exceptionally well for movies. It’s hard to find a subwoofer this size t...

AV Forums Names 3000 Micro “Best in Class” with 10 out of 10

“10 out of 10. A healthy dose of musical proficiency, articulation and muscle-bound movie acrobatics from a ridiculously small box. You can pretty much hide...

Digital Trends Reviews 3000 Micro

“If you need powerful, deep, rich bass from a small package, the SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer is the solution. For the price, it’s basically peerless and is a m...

Home Theater Review Honors 3000 Micro with “Editor’s Choice” Award

"The magic of these subs has always been getting the most “depth” from a small footprint…A subwoofer for audiophiles and bass head theater enthusiasts combin...

HiFi Chicken Reviews the 3000 Micro

“The 3000 Micro surprised me. The amount of bass you get out of such a small subwoofer is impressive. Not only how much bass you get, but how clean and clea...

Soundstage Honors 3000 Micro with “Product of the Year” Award

“Performed remarkably well for its size—and looks great. And SVS’s app is very useful. I was wowed by the bass extension, slam, and low-frequency detail thi...

3000 Micro Receives Home Theater Review's "Best of the Year" Award

"A technological tour de force. It is the most badass small subwoofer you can buy. Impressive, tight, accurate bass from an enclosure measuring only 10.9″ x ...

The Master Switch Reviews the 3000 Micro

"The most impressive sub we’ve ever tested. Does the impossible, delivering world-shaking bass from a very tiny package. An easy addition to our Editor’s Cho...

Qobuz Reviews 3000 Micro

“Incredible performance! Whether you're rattling the foundations with serious bass or adding some fullness to your setup, it's hard to see how you could not ...

Home Theater Review Ranks 3000 Micro “Best 8-inch ”

“Powerful and precise, this dual-8″ subwoofer looks impossibly small given the bass it produces. This sub can legit play down to 23 Hz thanks to the 800-watt...

AV Online (Hungary) Reviews 3000 Micro , Earns “Highly Recommended” Award

“Produced a considerable amount of bass, and thanks to its closed design, it also gave speed and control to the force. Merged with speakers like a lamb. Slee...

High-Res Music Streaming Site Qobuz Hypes 3000 Micro for “Big Bass in a Small Package” in Review

“Incredible performance! Whether you're rattling the foundations with serious bass or adding some fullness to your setup, it's hard to see how you could not ...

3000 Micro Receives HiFi Magazine's (Netherlands) "Recommended" Award

“The 3000 Micro is lightning fast…and really capable of bizarre things given its size. It seems to deliver more pressure at low volume than my larger subwoof...

Home Theater HiFi Reviews Dual SB-3000 s

“Managed to pressurize the room with its subsonic level bass very convincingly, producing chest-thumping bass ripples. As capable in producing the sound of l...

Sztereomagazin.hu (Hungary) Reviews the 3000 Micro

“Strong, tight bass marched around the couch, the room filled to the brim with deep tones. It greatly contributed to the enhancement of the sense of presenc...

Speaker Ninja Reviews the SB-3000

"Delivers exceptional performance. Whether you have an upgraded home theater system or a simple hi-fi setup, this subwoofer enhances your sound enigmaticall...

YouTuber ‘TwoGuyzTech’ Reviews the SB-3000

"This subwoofer produces tactile bass that is tight, impactful and really pressurizes a room. Great for music and movies, definitely the best subwoofer I’ve...

YouTuber ‘Joe N Tell’ Reviews the 3000 Micro

"You get the best bang for your buck with this micro subwoofer as it will definitely fill your room with low end bass output that you wont expect, with auth...

YouTuber ‘Youthman’ Reviews the 3000 Micro

"A beauty for a micro subwoofer and perfect for small to medium size rooms. Great output with incredible app control, just blown away by its performance. De...

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Chest-thumping output and extreme low frequency extension with stunning refinement and musicality – reference subwoofer performance has never been available at this price from a cabinet of this siz...
Earth-shaking output, subterranean low frequency extension, crisp speed in transients and pinpoint control, the PB-3000 delivers reference subwoofer performance at a breakthrough price. Breathtakin...
Chest-pounding, musical bass with accuracy and depth from a shockingly compact 10-inch cabinet that fits anywhere. The miniature yet mighty SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer seamlessly blends into any room ...