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SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System
Rated 4.88170865279299 out of 5 stars and 913 reviews
Improve bass quality while reducing room rattle and noise. Works with nearly any subwoofer.

$ 49.99


4 Foot Compatibility

  • SB-1000, SB-1000 Pro, SB12-NSD, SB-2000, SB-2000 Pro, SB-3000, SB13-Ultra, SB-4000, SB16-Ultra
  • PB-1000, PB-1000 Pro, PB12-NSD, PB-2000, PB-2000 Pro, PB-3000
  • All Cylinder Models

6 Foot Compatibility

  • PB12-Plus, PB13-Ultra, PB-4000, PB16-Ultra

$ 49.99 each