The thickness of speaker wire or cable is identified by its American Wire Gauge (AWG) number and is typically rated between 12, and 18-gauge. The lower numbers are thicker and have add less resistance to current flow. For long wire runs and low impedance speakers (4 or 6 ohms), a thicker 12 or 14-gauge speaker wire is recommended while shorter runs of less than 40 feet with 8 ohms speakers are generally fine with 16-gauge wire.

SVS SoundPath Ultra speaker cables are 12-gauge and feature two braided Dual Balanced conductors, with a total of 82 strands of 99.99% pure stranded copper across both conductors. This rating matches up with the best speaker cables in the world and enables SVS SoundPath Ultra Cables to transmit a consistent signal with absolute purity.

Aug 4, 2023