PB-4000 Subwoofer

A woofer is a speaker transducer (or driver) specialized to handle the low frequency sounds ranging below 20Hz up to 2kHz and also the lower midrange frequencies when a speaker has only one driver and one tweeter, like with a satellite or bookshelf speaker. Woofers can range in size from 2-inches up to as large as 21-inches depending on the design of the speaker and typically consisting of a basket, diaphragm (or cone), dustcap, surround, spider, voice coil and permanent magnet or motor. A subwoofer is a specialized speaker, usually with an internal amplifier, designed to exclusively handle bass and the LFE tracks of movies.

SVS loudspeaker woofers are painstakingly designed to render low and midrange frequencies with accuracy and crisp dynamics. Materials with excellent stiffness to mass ratios are blended with premium electrical components to ensure absolute signal purity without distortion, even at the most demanding drive levels.

Aug 9, 2023