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SVS takes an uncompromising approach to bookshelf speaker design. Every feature in our Ultra and Prime models serves a sonic purpose. Innovative driver construction and sophisticated SoundMatch crossovers along with world-class build materials and optimized cabinet geometry combine for class-defining sound quality and “like being there” audio experiences with music, movies and more.

Bookshelf speakers are ideal when you’re looking for full-range sound and flexible placement options. Versatility is a hallmark of bookshelf speakers because they can be mounted on stands or placed on surfaces like AV furniture, shelves, desks or even subwoofers, to provide an immersive listening experience without requiring floorspace like a tower speaker.

In terms of sound quality, the best bookshelf speakers exhibit stunning dynamic range and output, pinpoint accuracy and neutral voicing that’s true to the source content, whether played at reference or low volumes. They can be used in the nearfield as part of a two-channel stereo system with a turntable, or DAC and music server, or flex their muscles as Left/Right mains, surrounds or even center channel speakers in a home theater surround sound system.

Acoustics for both SVS Prime and Ultra Series Bookshelf speakers are evenly balanced, utterly transparent and completely faithful to what a musician or sound engineer intended you to hear, making them great for both audiophiles and home theater fans.

SVS Bookshelf Speakers: Dynamic and Detailed Full-Range Sound

Ultra Bookshelf Speakers - $499.99 each

Every design aspect of the SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker was scrutinized to achieve uncompromising sound quality. Our reference Bookshelf speaker is in its own class with amazingly deep, rich and articulated bass, breathtaking resolution of the finest details, and absolute transparency. Features a 6.5-inch glass-fiber composite driver, 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and flawless acoustic design for the most discerning listeners.

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Prime Bookshelf Speakers - $249.99 each

Hailed by critics and owners as the best bookshelf speaker under $500, the SVS Prime Bookshelf features Ultra Series design elements like a rear port for improved bass extension and tapered front baffle edges to reduce diffraction and improve on-axis frequency response. Features powerful 6.5-inch mid-woofer and 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter with 2-way SoundMatch crossover. A truly high end speaker with world class dynamics and sound quality well beyond its price.

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Prime Satellite (Mini-Bookshelf) Speakers - $134.99 each

The SVS Prime Satellite speaker redefines performance in the small- or mini-bookshelf speaker category with attention grabbing output and astonishing refinement, all from a lifestyle-friendly cabinet. Compact and easily adaptable, this versatile speaker can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, or placed nearly anywhere for immersive, high-impact sound as a main, center channel, surround or height effects loudspeaker.

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Interested in tower, center channel, surround, height effects, or other types of loudspeakers? Browse all models on the SVS speaker page.

Critical acclaim is pouring in for SVS bookshelf speakers.

“SVS knocked it out of the park on sound and build quality with the high-value, full-range Ultra Bookshelf speakers.”

“They are more detailed and more "hi-fi" than anything we've heard at this price before."

“SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are destined to become classics—that's how good they are… I found myself in awe of how transparent these speakers sounded.”

“The perfect anchor for a reasonably priced, high performance audio system. I can’t think of a better pair of $500 speakers to put on your short list. Highly recommended.”

"Produces hearty bass and full sounds unlike any other stereo speakers we heard in this price range. This bookshelf speaker produces sound that rivals that of larger tower speakers.” -Consumer Digest

“Superb clarity, classy looks, a wide soundstage and an unbelievable low end. The SVS Ultra is the Best Bookshelf speaker under $1,000.”

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When making speakers, even the smallest details have sonic consequences. Our engineers scrutinize every aspect to achieve a level of sonic excellence that’s unmistakably SVS.

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