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Home Cinema Choice - Ed Selley Reviews the SB12-NSD

"Overall, the SB12-NSD is a talented bass beast that marries impressive weight with control and finesse… the SVS boasts excellent low-end extension and fero...

Audioholics reviews the SB12-NSD

"At the end of our term with the SB12-NSD we came away impressed with the overall build quality, look and behavior of this small sealed unit. Highly Recomme...

AVForums' Russell Williams gives the SVS cylinders a Best Buy award!

"If there is a single subwoofer that revolutionized both the price/performance ratio and the way we buy subwoofers, the SVS Powered Cylinder is it." "...

Audioholics gives the PB12-NSD their "Bassaholic" seal of approval

"At the end of the day that is what a subwoofer is supposed to do and the PB12-NSD does not disappoint." "...what it does do very well is the task of produc...

Sound + Vision Gives the PB12-NSD a Rave Review

"A true reference-grade sub at a super-affordable price" "SVS claims on its site that the frequency response measurement of this sub is “ruler flat,” and th...

SB12-NSD Another AV Forums fave

"Build and operation is smooth and apparently bomb proof, the finishes you're allowed are superb, it's looks distinctive without being overly extrovert." ....

S-Series Speakers and SB12-NSD System Rave in Home Theater Shack

Enthusiast forums in the US have been just effusive of the newest SB12-NSD's. Home Theater Shack has long been a hotbed of SVS advice and fans but few know ...

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The SVS SB12-NSD has been retired, but you can still get unrivaled SVS subwoofer performance from the compact powerhouse SB-1000, or our most popular model, the SB-2000 Pro.

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 400 watts RMS (800 watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 23-270 Hz ±3dB
  • Port Size & # | N/A
  • Dimension | 14.6" (H) 14.2" (W) 14.2" (D)
  • Weight | 35lbs

$ 399.99 $ 680.00


The PB12-NSD is no longer in stock. For comparable performance, check out the SVS PB-1000 and PB-2000 Pro subwoofers or browse the SVS Outlet store for the best prices you’ll find on all SVS subwoofers.

  • Driver | 12"
  • Amplifier | 400 watts RMS (800 watts peak)
  • Freq. Response | 18-150 Hz ±3dB
  • Port Size & # | Single 4"
  • Dimension | 20.9" (H) 17.3" (W) 22" (D)
  • Weight | 66lbs

$ 499.99 $ 800.00