Press Reviews

  • Sparechange Reviews Dual SB-3000 Subwoofers (YouTube)

    "Tight, potent bass that reaches shockingly deep considering how compact they are. No doubt they’re on my ‘Highly Recommended’ list and perform way beyond the price."

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  • Reference Home Theater Reviews the SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer

    “Small enough to disappear into a room, but makes movies and music come alive and even full-range speakers sound much larger than they did before. A fantastic sub the plays much deeper than I ever expected it to. I was very impressed!”
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  • SB-2000 Pro Receives the Home Cinema Choice Best Buy Award

    "A polished performer, capable of delivering deep bass from a compact cabinet, while simultaneously remaining controlled and fleet of foot. Cracking value."
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  • The SB-2000 Pro Receives the Soundstage Reviewers Choice Award

    "Ridiculously impressive -- very fast, very tight, and very deep, with enough output to fill my room. It brings to a low price and small size a level of bass quality I didn’t think possible."
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