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  • Home Cinema Choice - Ed Selley Reviews the SB12-NSD

    "Overall, the SB12-NSD is a talented bass beast that marries impressive weight with control and finesse… the SVS boasts excellent low-end extension and ferocity – but is also fast, detailed and extremely accurate."
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  • Audioholics reviews the SB12-NSD Subwoofer

    "At the end of our term with the SB12-NSD we came away impressed with the overall build quality, look and behavior of this small sealed unit. Highly Recommended."
    "...after spending a few weeks getting intimately acquainted with the review unit provided by SVS, we found very little to gripe about and a whole lot to like."
    "Diminutive form factor + light weight allows plenty of placement options"
    "Impeccable design execution and optimization"
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  • SB12-NSD Another AV Forums fave

    "Build and operation is smooth and apparently bomb proof, the finishes you're allowed are superb, it's looks distinctive without being overly extrovert."
    ... but ultimately it's the performance level achieved that sets the SVS SB12-NSD apart."
    "... you can't go lower, louder, as cleanly as well as doing it all in such a musical fashion, with such impact, in such a small box."
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  • S-Series Speakers and SB12-NSD System Rave in Home Theater Shack

    Enthusiast forums in the US have been just effusive of the newest SB12-NSD's. Home Theater Shack has long been a hotbed of SVS advice and fans but few know our products better than Dennis Doan. Accomplished musician and Doctor, Dennis knows a clean acoustical sound when he hears it! Both our S-Series speakers and the SB12-NSD got praise in this piece!
    "This small sub is truly a giant killer."
    "... incredible definition."
    "...this little bugger will hold its own right to the level of wall destruction."
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