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  • Everything Audio - John Gatski Reviews the SB13-Ultra

    "Overall, the SB13-Ultra performance is so good, and its quality build and price so impressive, I have absolutely no negatives…For under $1,600, the SVS SB13-Ultra gets you a high-performance, acoustic suspension subwoofer that can handle about all the serious bass of a multi-channel or stereo speaker system."
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  • Audio|Video Revolution - Andre Marc Reviews the SB-2000

    "The SB-2000 was a game changer for my home theater. There was an added weight and realism to the entire presentation that was just not there before."
  • The PB-2000 and SB-2000 Subwoofers Receive Sound & Vision’s Top Pick Award.

    "You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bass value than what either of these subwoofers offers...each sub reproduced deeper bass response that I could literally feel in my sternum; it shook the house!"
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  • Audioholics - Tom Andry Reviews the PB-2000 and SB-2000 Subwoofers

    “…SVS is offering technology normally reserved for subwoofers two or three times the asking price of 2000 series… The SB-2000 and PB-2000 set a new bar in the performance/price category…”
    PB-2000 SB-2000
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  • - Dennis Burger Reviews the PB-2000

    "incredibly impactful yet refined…yet again, SVS has proven to be a company that defies expectations based on aesthetics and price… "
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  • Malaysian Website Reviews the PB-2000

    "…I am very confident to rate this sub woofer to out perform quite a few others, even if you spend twice the money…"
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  • Reviews the SB-2000 and PB-2000 Subwoofers

    "Both models outperform most subwoofers by more recognizable names at the same price point"
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  • Digital Trends - Hands on Video Review of the SB-2000

    "At $699, the sub packs plenty of muscle, including a 500-watt RMS (1100-watt peak) Sledge amplifier."
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  • Reviews the PB-2000

    "Among subwoofers that are capable of playing as low as 17 Hz, there are few with that capability that cost less…The PB-2000 earns my unreserved recommendation…"
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  • Reference Home Theater - Chris Heinonen Reviews the PB-2000

    "Everything seems to come alive a bit more when the PB-2000 plays… my home theater seats actually vibrate."
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  • - Brent Butterworth Reviews the SB-2000

    "The SVS SB-2000's one of the tightest, punchiest, most precise-sounding subs I've ever heard."
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  • - Brent Butterworth Reviews the PB-2000

    "…the PB-2000 didn't just reproduce the notes, it almost felt like the big woofers in a good club P.A. system, with effortless, raw physical power and nary a trace of distortion."
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  • The PC12-NSD subwoofer receives Sound & Vision’s 2013 Top Pick of the Year Award.

    "The PC12-NSD’s tall, cylindrical profile yields a ton of tight, deep bass in a relatively small footprint."
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  • - Tom Andry Previews the PB-2000 and SB-2000 Subwoofers

    "…you've got to love SVS…SVS is offering technology normally reserved for subwoofers two or three times the asking price of 2000 series…their bread and butter is helping the common man realize his (or her) dream of bass that will make your neighbors call the police… offering technology normally reserved for subwoofers two or three times the asking price of 2000 series."
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  • The PC13-Ultra Subwoofer Receives's Editor's Choice Award

    "The SVS PC13-Ultra seemed to easily handle whatever I threw its way. Bass had excellent low end extension, with no bottoming out…At an MSRP of $1,699 it is a real bargain for the performance you are getting!"
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  • The SB13-Ultra Subwoofer Receives's Best of 2013 Award

    "Dollar for dollar, the SVS SB13-Ultra is one of the best (if not THE best) subwoofers on the market. Powerful, deep bass. Equally adept performance for music and moves. The only way to make it much better is to buy two."
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  • The Man Cave Cinema Reviews the SB-1000

    “…butter smooth and hard hitting at the same time……you will most definitely fall in love with it, like I did. Also for $499 you just can’t go wrong."
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  • - Sujesh Pavithran Reviews the SB-1000

    "This has to be one of the best bang-for-buck subwoofers in the market right now."
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  • - Håvard Holmedal Reviews the Ultra Tower Surround Package

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  • Sound & Vision - Brent Butterworth Reviews the PC12-NSD

    “We have yet to encounter an SVS sub we didn’t love, and the PC12-NSD is no exception… I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love this subwoofer.”