Press Reviews

  • Subwoofer Genius Reviews SB-3000 Subwoofer

    “Excellent bass for movies, mobile app to control the bass while watching, deep bass which is never harsh or boomy. The SB-3000 is the ultimate choice subwoofer. It’s up there with the best on the market and that’s why it gets our best overall pick for SVS subwoofers.” Read Full Review
  • Slashgear Honors SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 System in “5 of the Best Home Theater Systems Available in 2023”

    “A compact home theater system that packs an enormous punch. This surround sound installation offers the biggest sounding small speaker that homeowners can get their hands on. Compounded by the massive bass driven by the 12-inch driver, the SB-1000 Pro subwoofer rounds out the SVS offering and makes it a formidable choice among home theater systems.” Read Full Review
  • Sound Federation (China) Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair

    “Not only provides convincing and immersive stereo sound, but also has strong dynamics, huge sound field and precise imaging, which is very suitable for listening to music or as a home theater system in a small space.” Read Full Review
  • HiFi Trends Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro in “Best Powered Speakers 2023”

    “Impressive clarity (especially in the midrange), good dynamics for its size, and tons of inputs and streaming options. The SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair is an unbeatable choice for those who are looking for high-quality sound and an impressive range of features for not a whole lot of money. It’s the perfect choice for the audiophile who wants tons of clarity, a wide soundstage, and plenty of focus.” Read Full Review
  • Digital Trends Awards SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair “Editor’s Choice” Award

    “Outstanding sound quality, easy to set up/use, comprehensive connectivity, and great for music, movies, or TV. The Prime Wireless Pro offer one of the best deals in high-quality two-channel sound. Get ready to have your expectations blown away.” Read Full Review
  • Qobuz (France) Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers

    “A reference all-in-one system and a new standard in the field of connected speakers around €1,000. Connectivity is total with integrated Hi-Res Qobuz and the HDMI ARC port. Easy to use, discreet, they will replace both a Hi-Fi system and a soundbar without compromise. Musical, they plunge us into a warm and powerful sound, supported by a quality bass that would make you want to add a subwoofer. Absolutely must listen before making a choice in this category." Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘Kpaceguy’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase

    “Extremely powerful integrated amplifier that can handle any pair of speakers and subwoofer. Love the versatility of the wireless streaming options, as well as the inputs that allows this to easily connect your TV or other components. Well done SVS!” Read Full Review
  • Les Annes Laser (France) Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers, (Print Only)

    “The SVS Prime Wireless Pro are an interesting alternative to a soundbar if space is not an issue, they are generous in terms of sound breadth, and bass production without the need for an additional subwoofer. We were amazed by the speakers ability to detail a quality musical source: the breadth that leads to a wide and deep soundscape, and the descent into the bass, more than enough."
  • YouTuber ‘Kpaceguy’ Reviews Prime Pinnacle Speakers

    “The Prime Pinnacle speakers left me beyond impressed. From listening to my favorite music tracks and movie scenes, they sound phenomenal in a home theater or two channel application. Not only are they overachievers, they look amazing too.” Read Full Review
  • On-Mag (France) Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair

    “The SVS Prime Wireless Pro offer, in a very small format, everything we can expect from quality Hifi active speakers. Versatile connectivity with simple and intuitive controls, this pair shines with its amazing sound quality.” Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘Eric Hernandez’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Speakers

    “The bass, soundstage and stereo separation these speakers possess is incredible. They’re incredibly crisp when listening to music and when used in a home theater application, there isn’t a soundbar on the market that can touch them in terms of overall performance. Highly recommend.” Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘Nemo Propaganda’ Reviews PB-1000 Pro Subwoofer

    “I’ve reviewed a ton of SVS Subwoofers and the PB-1000 Pro takes the cake. It’s tremendously loud with tight and articulate bass, and has no problem pressurizing my living space regardless of the content. Also love the fact that I can adjust this beast from the SVS smartphone control app. An easy recommendation.” Read Full Review
  • Secrets of Home Theater HiFi Includes SB-1000 Pro in “Recommended Gear 2023”

    “Any way you look at it, there is no denying that this is a great subwoofer offering features and performance that can compete well with other subwoofers in higher price brackets. It is quite competent for music applications and really shines in home-theater applications. The combination of high-performance and advanced wireless operational features that the SVS includes in the SB-1000 Pro is hard to come by.” Read Full Review
  • AV Nirvana reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair

    “Clean and clear sound, capable of high volumes, format flexibility allows streaming from any source device, and a full array of connections included for all your non-wireless sources, including HDMI.” Read Full Review
  • Ecoustics reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair

    “Impressive dynamic range with the ability to become nearly silent and thunderously loud when called upon with no loss of clarity at either end. Strong performance, a wide range of connectivity options, and very good value for your money.” Read Full Review
  • Future Audiophile reviews SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer

    “I could physically feel the bass...Not only is it a supreme value in the micro subwoofer space, but in the general subwoofer space as well. The folks at SVS have outdone themselves with this product and it is one that I will continue to gush about for some time to come.” Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘Joe N Tell’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Speakers

    “Overall, these wireless speakers do everything extremely well. Not only do they produce amazing sound quality and output, they’re very easy to setup and connect to. In a dedicated 2-channel or a home theater setup, they will rock your world. A true soundbar killer, highly recommend!” Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘Home Theater Gamer’ Reviews PB-3000 Subwoofer

    “An exceptionally well built ported subwoofer that hits very hard and left me thoroughly impressed. Whether it’s configured in a movie, music or even gaming setup, it performs well above its price point and may just be my new favorite subwoofer from SVS. Well done!” Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘Home Theater Gamer’ Reviews SoundPath Ultra HDMI Cable

    “The SVS Ultra HDMI cable provides a hassle free experience for any setup and are sturdily built with premium materials. At a very affordable price, these make for an easy recommendation.” Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘AV Nirvana’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers

    “For wireless powered bookshelf speakers, they’re very versatile, extremely well built and produce crystal clear sound. All of the amazing connectivity options take these speakers over the top, blowing away every smart speaker and punching well above their price point. Worth every penny!” Read Full Review